Media Bias


Ronald Reagan said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." This seems to apply to the so called Mainstream Media. Since they report so much that just “isn’t so” it is often correct to believe just the opposite of what they say.


"Before the evening was over, the shooter’s name was released, and the world was made aware of his radical political beliefs. Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist. By this morning, that description had been edited without notice by the Denver Post. It now reads: Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated. 1984 is alive and well in Colorado, where 'journalists' dare not let the idea of American socialism be linked to murder ... but the whitewashing of his political beliefs is a sideshow. The much more disturbing example of what George Orwell called Newspeak is a rewriting of the failure of another 'gun free zone,' and the police model of rapid response to such an event ... Our media is reliably, overwhelmingly leftist (typically, socialist or communist) in their political beliefs. This is not opinion, and not up for debate. It simply is. Likewise, it is beyond argument that the majority of them have bizarre views on firearms ... By the time they [first responders] arrive to any event involving a firearm, they are generally only able to sort the living from the dead ... The socialist media really don’t want to admit this failure, as this article regarding yesterday’s shooting aptly demonstrates ... 'Strategic response by police … averted more bloodshed,' but 'a half hour after wounding the girl' they finally found the shooter. A half hour. A Columbine later. A Virginia Tech later. Five Sandy Hooks later ... All evidence suggests that the shooter committed suicide before the first responders entered the school ... the law enforcement response to Arapahoe High School didn’t save a single life. Their execution may have been perfect, but the model simply doesn’t work. It never has, and it never can. It is all part of 'the big lie' that the media continues to tell, that gun free zones and a 'rapid' police response will magically stop school shootings. It’s a fantasy foisted upon us by those who refuse to admit that their beliefs are wrong, and who are willing to let countless more children die rather than admit [it] ... these same teachers who have shown time and time against that they will protect their students with their lives while unarmed, are somehow not fit to protect them while armed. Gun free zones are killing fields. (12/15/13)


"The liberal media long ago forfeited their respected role as watchdog over the government and have voluntary descended to the status of a public relations arm of the Democratic Party and various liberal causes ... They deliberately influence it to advance the liberal political agenda. So while they engage in plenty of deceptions on the micro level, they daily engage in a category of sin that far exceeds the despicable doctoring of videos. For what they're about is grand deception on a macro scale ... The liberal media's fraud is so pervasive that by presenting the news through a distorted, progressive prism, they've created an alternate reality that bears little relationship to actual reality. What has emerged is a new normal, foisted on us by a cluster of malicious manipulators who long ago abandoned their honor and their professional calling. This manufactured pseudo-universe is what allowed President Barack Obama to win re-election despite presiding over (and largely causing) the longest period of high unemployment since World War II and the worst recovery in 50 years ... Just ask yourself whether Obama could have won if the media had reported on his economy objectively and let the facts speak for themselves. But they did much worse; they apologized for him and his failures every step of the way, shamelessly conspiring with him to scapegoat his predecessor, President George W. Bush, even four years after his term ended. This was as immoral as it was preposterous, but they did it with such faux earnestness that those who rely on them for their news lapped it up and digested its poisonous seed ... despite the smorgasbord of corruption, scandal, mismanagement and policy failures that would be a welcome feast for journalists with a modicum of integrity ... Whereas they aided Democrats in constructing false scandals against the Bush administration, they wholly ignore very real ones under Obama, from the dismissal of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case to 'Fast and Furious' to Benghazi." (2/1/13)


"With many of the polls and much of the momentum trending for Mitt Romney, much of the mainstream media is in full-panic mode as they work overtime to tilt the 'news' in favor of Barack Obama ... No surprise there. As my former boss and friend Bob Dole once told me: 'If World War III were breaking out tomorrow, liberal reporters would still ask Republicans about abortion' ... while understanding that these 'news' outlets will be unethically shaping their 'news' coverage to favor Mr. Obama until the last second, it's almost jaw-dropping to realize what Mr. Romney is up against in the closing days of the election." (10/28/12)


"To protect President Obama from the failure of his administration to anticipate or respond appropriately to the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East, the media has absolutely raped the truth. Americans were targeted and murdered by radical monsters around the globe. The president did nothing about it. The White House had at least a 48-hour advance warning this was coming. It told no one. It didn’t warn the diplomats or increase security at the embassies ... And when the attacks were over? The president took all of one hour of out of his busy fundraising/campaign schedule to address this matter. Then, it was off to Las Vegas and back to his rich friends to shake the money maker. Let me be clear, every drop of blood spilled by Americans as a result of the actions of these monsters drips through the hands of this administration before it hits the ground ... the media burnt more calories this week attacking an American in California for exercising his First Amendment right to free speech than they did condemning the murderous mobs or their enablers in their respective governments. Whatever outrage they had leftover was reserved for Mitt Romney for committing the unforgivable sin of standing up for American values in the face of terrorism and speaking out against it hours before the President did. That the President’s campaign attacked Romney for standing up for American values a full 8 hours before the President condemned the attacks on and murder of Americans isn’t a story ... President Obama has learned well from great propagandists in the past: When the chips are down, invent a phony outrage to distract the public. Follow the pattern: As more stories of violence and dismissed warnings come in, more criticism of Romney comes out. As our credit is downgraded again, more criticism of Romney comes out. As the Federal Reserve announces plans to print $40 billion a month in a third attempt at 'quantitative easing' to right the president’s broken economy, more criticism of Romney comes out. No matter what happens, no matter how detached our president gets from the job he seeks to keep for four more years … no matter how many people die…we still haven’t seen enough of Mitt Romney’s tax returns. That’s how sick the media has gotten." (9/17/12)


"Floyd Corkins, a volunteer for the last six months at the D.C. Center for the LGBT Community, marched into the Family Research Center with a gun and serious ammunition, denounced FRC's policy positions and shot a security guard in the arm before being subdued. Another hate crime, but this time against, perhaps, the pre-eminent pro-family organization in America ... These networks are aiding and abetting liberal violence by refusing to identify it as liberal violence. Whether it's vandalism at Chick-fil-A or rapes in Occupy Wall Street camps, these networks simply cannot find 'news' in liberal violence of any kind ... These same media outlets pounce on allegations of conservative hatred, even when there isn't a scintilla of evidence ... Within 24 hours of a gay-left activist shooting at the FRC, the world-class jerks at CNN are still demeaning FRC and social conservatives as 'hate groups' that should be drummed out of the public conversation." (8/18/12)


“But Obama can lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and other than making an obligatory effort to report it, the President pays no price for lying, not even while looking the media straight in the eye while doing so. Not a single mainstream journalist today is doing what we know ALL of them would do if Obama were a Republican: exactly what they attempted to do to Marco Rubio. First off, the media would be outraged and indignant over being lied to. And what would follow is a perfect narrative storm that would demand Obama either correct the record, prove his assertions, or bridge these factual discrepancies. On a daily basis, press briefings would become Thunderdome as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was inundated with demands that the President come clean and clear the record. And you can bet the cable networks would be filled with stories and talking heads explaining to us why this is relevant in 2012. Because it is relevant. Obama wasn't a child when ‘Dreams From My Father’ was published. He was 35 years-old. And he certainly wasn't a child in 2008 when he downplayed his relationship with Ayers -- he was a sitting United States Senator and serious candidate for Presidency. Same with when his campaign told the media Obama was never a member of the New Party. But if it helps Obama stay in power, the media likes being lied to by Barack Obama, which is why he will never be held accountable or forced to pay a political price for the truths that have been uncovered over the past few months. The media is worse than a bunch of corrupt sycophants. It is an institution that wants to be used.” (6/20/12)


“If you’re a 20-year-old black male, you can beat an 85-year-old white woman to death and pummel her 90-year-old white husband straight into ICU, and it won’t make the national news. Yep. Tyrone Woodfork, a black male who -- much like Trayvon Martin -- looks like Obama’s son, allegedly killed Nancy Strait and broke her husband Bob’s jaw, several ribs and shot him in the face with a BB gun last month in Tulsa. 20-year-old Tyrone also raped the nearly blind 97-pound Mrs. Strait, a great-great-grandmother, before he murdered her. Did the above monstrous crime make the national news? Are you kidding me? Why, hell no. Of course not, silly! Why wasn’t it fit for primetime, you ask? Well, it starred the wrong races in the wrong roles, and it thus did not fit into the fairytale the Left’s trying to foist on us goobers of Obamaland … I wonder if President Obama is going to lecture the nation on this despicable act and tell us something similar to what he said regarding Trayvon’s shooting … For two more (out of many) recent black-on-white crimes that have ranged from unreported to insanely underreported, click here and here.” (4/9/2012)


“This is how it works: if you are a journalist who clearly favors the re-election of President Obama, you ask questions of Republicans in an effort to make them look foolish, forcing them to address subjects other than the economy and threats to national security. When you question Democrats, you ask questions people care most about and usually allow the answer, however inaccurate, to go unchallenged … And so it goes in every modern election cycle. To the mainstream media, Republicans are pigheaded and unwilling to compromise with a Democratic president (or a Democratic Congress). That's because in media-land, only Democrats want what is best for ‘real Americans.’ Get it? … None of this will change as long as liberals continue to dominate major media ... Instead of complaining, which changes nothing, Republicans should run the equivalent of a Tebow option play. They should refuse to participate in any more dog-and-pony shows designed to trip them up. Instead, they should create their own panels with an ideological mix of interrogators … The ratings would be huge and the public would get better answers to more substantive questions than the ‘gotcha’ questions they must now endure.” (1/12/12)


“We've been dealing with liberal media bias for years, but George Stephanopoulos' performance in the Republican presidential debate Saturday night in New Hampshire was particularly egregious … In addition to misdirecting the debates substantively, the liberal moderators have also, too often, injected themselves into the debates as if they were either driven by their irrepressible egos to make themselves players rather than facilitators or so ideologically revolted by the GOP's policies that they were compelled to argue Obama's side in his absence ... they shouldn't present Obama's side for him, giving him and the liberal position a free ride … With a half-century of experience as a witness to liberal media bias, I'm not easily shocked or outraged by current displays of it, but George Stephanopoulos deserves special notoriety for his disgraceful performance Saturday night.” (1/11/12)


“Gone are the days when broadcasters like Walter Cronkite attempted to convey objective and unbiased news. Propaganda seems to be at the heart of most national news. Passions, preferences and political persuasions permeate nearly all the news. Opine is ubiquitous and made obvious alone by many broadcasters' tone of voice or facial expressions … As reported by NewsBusters (, consider in a single day last week how the MSM angled their reporting in ways to manipulate public opinion … The fact is that the primary networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- and their smaller cable channels are owned and financed by an interlocking network of corporate conglomerates and controlled by progressive and politically biased proprietors. Billionaire moguls like George Soros are using millions and millions of dollars … to carry out a greater goal of chipping away the very foundations of our republic. Just a few months ago, Media Research Center's Dan Gainor exposed globalist George Soros' financial connections to MSM and his funding of $52 million to influence and direct journalism in the national networks. Or do you think it's merely a coincidence that Soros has ties to over 30 major news organizations, including The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC and ABC, and yet no one hears anything from those networks about his behind-the-scenes finagling and financing … It prompts one to wonder: Why haven't such power relations been reported by the MSM? And would they be so silent if the correlations were between such agents of control and the tea party?” (11/15/11),_obama,_occupiers_and_the_msm_part_1/page/full/


The stories behind these headlines illustrate why good people no longer want to run for the presidency of the United States. They immediately become targets of the left, which almost always pulls the race card or the sexual harassment card when they have nothing legitimate to say against the people they fear. In Herman Cain's case they use both disgusting smear tactics. They have no shame … The media's double standard is once again exposed inasmuch as President Obama's clouded background is carefully ignored. (11/2/11)


“Christians speak the truth about God’s best for humanity as it applies to morality, laws and governing principles, but the secular media views these truths as Hell. Truth always feels like Hell to those who reject, deny, or hate the truth … They express their hatred for God’s truth by heaping venom on anyone who declares God’s truth. Bible-believing Christians proclaim the truth about the biblical principles that guided this nation’s founders. But those who are rewriting American history to fit their desire for self-worship want to silence them. Thus, whenever a Christian lovingly and thoughtfully points them to the truth of history, they hound them down, accusing them of ‘racism,’ ‘hate speech,’ and ‘bigotry.’ Why? Because truth to them is Hell, so they want to muzzle Christians and their message … If I were a rich man, I would offer these self-worshipping gods of the secular media a six month trip to Afghanistan or Iran. If they ever returned from such a trip, they would be changed men and women. My concern is that the very truth that can set them free is the truth they attack. I know why they attack it—because it feels like Hell to them. It is condemning. However, my heart is not to condemn them, but to pray to God to open their blind eyes, just like He opened mine, so that they may see the truth before it is too late for them.” (10/24/11)


“Gaffes hit us all.  But the frequency and folly of Obama’s are particularly troubling considering that he has an army of researchers, writers, handlers and teleprompters at his disposal. That makes Obama’s gaffes a special kind of stupid. Then there are the policy statements that are so far removed from reality. When have you heard Michele Bachmann tout a ‘Recovery Summer’ like Joe Biden did while the labor force shrinks and the economy limps along?  Or can you recall Bachmann blaming the persistent unemployment on modern technology, including those pesky ATM fees, as our genius President did?  When has Bachmann ever advocated codifying a new health-care law and then, and only then, finding out what was actually in that new health-care law, as Nancy Pelosi admitted to the press? You haven’t … The media will let Democrats get away with driving a girl off a bridge and leaving her to die (Ted Kennedy), but Republicans, especially unapologetic conservative ones, won’t be given the benefit of the doubt, even when it comes inconsequential errors.” (6/28/11)


“Over the years, leftist lies and media complicity have done enormous damage … Sometimes, the nature of the crime is reckless denial. Like Obama declaring that under Obamacare, we can keep the health coverage we have now. Or Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Barney Frank telling a House committee in 2004 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in no danger: ‘I don’t see anything in this report that raises safety and soundness problems.’ Other Democrats accused the Bush Administration of bad motives and even racism for demanding more accountability. Later, after the ‘affordable’ mortgage-driven housing bubble burst in 2008, driving the economy into the worst recession since the Great Depression, Democrats blamed private ‘greed’ and lack of government oversight … why is Barney Frank continuing to make financial policy for the United States?” (6/8/11)


“After nearly 3 years of dishonest attacks and innuendo against her, her husband, her beliefs and her children by the media, it’s ironic to see the MSM complain that SHE is treating THEM poorly. They’re like an abusive husband who thinks his wife should be grateful that he took off his rings when he hit her this time. Palin would have none of it, she was a class-act throughout, and was greeted by surprised adoring fans everywhere she went. That, more than anything else, is the real root of the MSM’s vitriol. Despite their best efforts to destroy her, she is exposing just how irrelevant they are.” (6/5/11),_msm_proves_they_dont_get_it/page/full/


“Anyone who follows politics knows that the mainstream media has two sets of rules: one set for conservatives and another set for liberals. Conservatives spend most of their time correcting smears and trying to explain to the public what they really believe. Liberals, on the other hand, can count on the press to hide their unpopular beliefs and put the best spin possible on everything they do … In Barack Obama's case, the media would be focusing on an entirely different set of issues if he were a Republican … How does Quayle's gaffe compare to Obama thinking there are 57 states … What about signing a guest book 2008 in 2011 … Obama's stupidity would be a staple of late night talk show jokes if he were a Republican … If Obama were a Republican, the media would be telling us we need to get a Democrat in office to repair the damage caused by Obama's blundering … Remember when the media talked about the size of the deficit all the time? Remember when we heard about Halliburton and Blackwater on a daily basis? Oh, yes, that was when we had a Republican President … tens of billions in tax dollars have been transferred to corporations that have given money to the Democratic Party. Now suddenly the ‘fierce watchdogs of the press’ have become completely complacent … Can you imagine the stories we'd see every day if a Republican were President? We'd have daily stories on the people left homeless by the ‘Obamaconomy,’ human interest stories about single mothers who can't feed their kids anymore, and we'd hear from experts every day about how Obama is killing jobs, raising costs at the pump, and destroying the economy with his policies. Remember how the press used to slip a reference to George Bush speaking in front of the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner into every story about Iraq? Well, they'd do the same thing with Barack Obama's empty promises about how his 1.1 trillion dollar stimulus would ‘save or create jobs.’ Can you hear them now?” (3/31/11)

“How much longer can the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and other leftists successfully maintain the ruse that intolerance, hatred and the propensity for violence mainly come from the right in this country? The lie is getting old. The left's ideas continue to fail in the real world, and the majority of the people reject them, which is why their proponents so often disguise their true intentions … One of those means is to pre-emptively strike their political opponents by falsely condemning them for behavior that they -- leftists -- actually engage in. It's called ‘projection’

… the left continues to equate conservative talk with hate speech that will lead to violence and advocates selectively suppressing conservative speech through such insidious means as the Fairness Doctrine. Talk about hate -- and violence … Why didn't they report on the calls by union thugs for blood in the streets … Their arrogance, extremism and brutality should be their undoing.” (3/1/11);_its_not_right/page/full/


“What incredible gall for the national media to try to transform Wisconsin from conservative juggernaut to Egyptian dictatorship in a heartbeat. Their political imagination (or delusion) is just staggering … This is reality turned upside down. But it isn't just electoral reality that's been mangled. Where, oh where, are the media lectures on civility now … they proved they only pretend to care about civility to protect the public image of their friends … It is weeks like this where the liberal media fail to understand what a bad joke they've become. Their offerings are not ‘news,’ but crude spin and blatant propaganda.” (2/23/11)


“Jaws dropped across the nation's capital at the audacious annihilation of the truth on the front page of the Feb. 15 Washington Post. The top headline read, ‘Obama budget makes deep cuts, cautious trades.’ It's another day at the Post, where every day is an April Fool's joke … All this is dizzying when near the end of the Reagan presidency, the entire budget in Fiscal Year 1988 was $1.06 trillion, less than the red ink from Obama's pen … Obama exploded domestic spending with his failed ‘stimulus’ plan. The idea that they can now let him paint himself as Mr. Deep Cuts shows how they lack elementary mathematics or political-science skills. The alternative is they know what they're doing, making them projectors of dishonest journalism. Every American who voted last fall for fiscal sanity should now take his placards and pitchforks to the offices of the national newspapers and the studios of the national TV and radio networks.” (2/16/11)


“Those censorious liberals who truly hate the very existence of the Fox News Channel denounce it for being a political organization, not truly a news network. Behind that line is decades of liberals being able to strangle, smother and spike news stories they didn't like. Liberals defined what ‘news’ was and what it wasn't. They're still at it today … The same gaggle of broadcast TV watchdogs that has mustered endless outrage over the notion that the Catholic Church would fail to alert authorities about sexual abuse of minors is utterly uninterested in the sexual abuse of minors when someone more pleasing to secular progressives -- like that abortion factory Planned Parenthood -- is caught on camera.” (2/9/11),_spiked/page/full/


“We all know not to take politicians' rhetoric at face value. But not enough of us have yet learned not to take media rhetoric at face value either, even when it appears in what looks like a ‘news’ story, but is actually a disguised editorial on the front page … In other words, we are not talking about creating wealth. We are talking about transferring wealth from one community to another, with no net increase-- and doing so at a cost of billions of tax dollars … Nobel Prizewinning economist George Stigler pointed out that the government advertises all the time-- only it is not called advertising. So-called ‘news’ stories like those in the San Francisco Chronicle repeat the party line of government bureaucrats and serve it up to the public as information, rather than ads.” (1/19/11)


“Since Holder apparently wasn't watching Fox News a few weeks ago, I'll repeat myself … Among the criminal laws apparently broken by Assange is 18 U.S.C. 793(e), which provides: ‘Whoever having unauthorized possession of, access to, or control over any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, (etc. etc.) relating to the national defense, ... (which) the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation, willfully communicates (etc. etc) the same to any person not entitled to receive it, or willfully retains the same (etc) ... Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.’ As is evident, merely being in unauthorized possession of classified national security documents that could be used to harm this country and publishing those documents constitutes a felony … Assange would be prosecuted for committing the crime of possessing and releasing classified national security documents that could do this country harm. The First Amendment has no bearing whatsoever on whether Assange has committed this particular crime, so whether or not Assange is a "journalist" is irrelevant.”  (12/16/10),_the_first_amendment_cant_protect_you/page/full/


“It's taxpayers who need to be untethered from NPR and other state-sponsored public broadcasting. Public radio and public television are funded with your money … The government imprimatur gives NPR and PBS a competitive edge, favoritism with lawmakers and the phony appearance of being above the fray … But vindictive Vivian Schiller and her colleagues have undermined state-sponsored radio's credibility for years with impunity -- from NPR legal correspondent Nina Totenberg publicly wishing for the late GOP Sen. Jesse Helms to die a painful AIDS-induced death to NPR affiliate employee Sarah Spitz pining for radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh's death on a journalists e-mail list. Thomas Jefferson famously opined: "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical" … Not one more red cent of public money should go to NPR, PBS and CPB. Let the speech-squelching progressives and jihadi-whitewashing apologists pay for their own propaganda. Free the taxpayers!” (10/22/10)


“This is the left’s planned, organized and concerted effort to destroy their opponents – working hand-in-hand from liberal media, to politicians to old school media. The goal is nothing short of terrorizing anyone who might disagree with them. When liberals conspired using Journolist to set a news agenda, it was obvious they had done so. This is more insidious and goes all the way to the top. Pick a name that has been a genuine threat to Team Obama and you can usually find the same strategy. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, CNBC’s Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer, Matt Drudge, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, billionaire funders Charles and David Koch and even former CNN host Lou Dobbs. While the attacks are reminiscent of the assault against Justice Clarence Thomas, that was amateur hour. This is a professional operation … Today those appalling attacks are part and parcel to the lefty war plan. The typical targeting has one of the bogus liberal sites like or write something similar to journalism. It then gets picked up and commented on either by the clowns at MSNBC or some marginal left-wing politician like Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. Or even the president of the United States who complained about so-called “foreign money” being spent on the election when he knew the claim was bogus.” (10/16/10),_brought_to_you_by_obama_and_co/page/full/


“But the conventional media, instead of hailing this trend, warns that conservatives cannot be elected and bemoans the victory of true believers saying that it is equivalent to handing seats to the Democrats and the liberals. This reasoning, which made sense in other times, is badly flawed in today's political climate.” (9/18/10)


“When conservatives hold to their convictions about, say, sound economic policy, liberals in the media and in Congress label them ‘ideologues’ … When liberal Democrats hold to their views that higher taxes and more government spending are the way to revive an economy, they acquire no negative labeling. In fact, they are no longer referred to as liberals, but as ‘progressives.’ Who could be against progress? Which is the point of the word. When their policy fails to produce the announced results, they are not called fanatics, but remain progressives. Liberals who refuse to admit their misplaced faith in Keynsian economics when it doesn't work are like cult members whose misplaced faith has been exposed as bogus. In fact, liberals dig in their heels claiming it isn't that too much has been spent, but too little … ‘Don't you love farce?’ … This president has become a fanatic, enabled by the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He refuses to budge when his policies clearly are not working. Cue the music: ‘But where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns. Don't bother, they're here.’" (9/10/10)


“So how did Smiley, Martin and Cuomo make such morally egregious statements … The answer is leftism, the way of looking at the world that permeates high schools, universities, news and entertainment media. Those indoctrinated by leftist thinking become largely incapable of accurate moral judgments: They regarded America and the Soviet Union as morally similar. And today, they claim that people they call ‘extremists’ within Christianity (who are they?) and Islamist terrorists and their supporters pose equal threats to America and the world. That is how bright and decent people become moral relativists and thereby undermine the battles against the greatest evils -- communist totalitarianism in its time and Islamic totalitarianism in ours ... The other major problem is that the media that dominate American life have little problem, indeed largely concur, with the foolish and dangerous comments … Those who don't fight real evils fight imaginary ones.” (9/7/10),_npr_and_pbs_hosts_equate_christian_and_muslim_violence/page/full/


Great Political Cartoon Showing Liberal response to tea party movement. (8/27/10)


“While engaging in astonishing viciousness, vulgarity and violence toward Republicans, liberals accuse cheerful, law-abiding Tea Party activists of being violent racists … So I'm thinking that … conservative commentators might want to think about saying, ‘That is a complete lie’ … Liberals explode in rage when we accuse them of being unpatriotic based on 50 years of treasonous behavior ... but the best our spokesmen can think to say when accused of racism is: ‘Man is imperfect.’ Conservatives who prefer to come across on TV as wonderfully moderate than to speak the truth should find another line of work and stop defaming conservatives with their "both sides" pabulum. (7/30/10),_who_needs_keith_olbermann/page/full


“These incidents shed light on a pervasive problem within the national media. Most reporters have a liberal perspective and it affects their reporting … As a result, the news most Americans get is passed through a liberal prism before it reaches our newspapers, televisions, computers, etc. Sometimes the national media’s liberal ideology causes them to totally ignore news stories … Given our commitment to a free press, it is particularly troubling that Americans’ freedom to form their own views of events and issues is limited by biased reporting … when the media don’t report the facts about important issues, Americans can’t make good decisions. And if Americans can’t make good decisions, our system of government is threatened ... Americans have lost faith in the national media. Just 8% of Americans trust the media, according to a recent Zogby public opinion poll. By a margin of three-to-one, Americans said the media are too liberal rather than too conservative, according to Gallup. And two-thirds of Americans say they are “angry” at the national media, according to a Rasmussen survey. If the media want to restore the public’s trust, they should give Americans the facts, not tell them what to think.” (7/22/10)


“That’s the crux of their willful ignorance right there; sometimes, being an Islamic terrorist IS the motive itself. As Leon de Winter wrote at Pajamas Media, ‘Faisal Shahzad is a Muslim terrorist motivated to kill by his religion, not by the loss of his house to the bank.’ Instead of busily demonizing American citizens, apologizing to those who wish to kill us, and frantically avoiding perceived ‘profiling’ out of the insane fear of looking non-politically correct, they should learn that lesson. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Political correctness is no longer just annoying. It’s deadly. It’s because they want to kill us, stupid.” (5/6/10)


“While many Americans believe the national press is biased toward the left, a more damning charge is now being debated: Are U.S. media outlets actually corrupt? Those who believe they are point to the cheerleading of Barack Obama's presidential campaign and to the recent reportage on the Tea Party movement … Today, we have a problem in America. Entire news operations are devoting themselves not to reporting events honestly, but to promoting a certain ideology or party … This isn't bias; it's corruption.” (4/11/10)


“Also, because the Left controls the mainstream media, they can often get away with lies no conservative ever could. Put another way, conservatives tend to be more honest because they have to be while liberals are used to having the mainstream media cover up, ignore, and explain away their lies.” (3/9/10)


“Surely now, Young thought, the media would jump on the story. But it didn't happen … it finally bubbled up, from the blogs to talk radio to late-night television. By the second week of August, Edwards appeared on ABC News to semi-confess. An explosive scandal had been kept out of the press for months at a time when the man at the center was an important player in national politics. Why?” (2/8/10)


“Boycotting debates, kicking journalists off a campaign jet, planting questions from friendly media during presidential news conferences, freezing adversarial media out of interviews, singling out individual journalists to scold them publicly — they've all been part of Team Obama's efforts at manipulating and intimidating the media.” (1/17/10)


“The mainstream political media fell in love with him. It was a schoolgirl crush with febrile commentators like Chris Mathews swooning then and now over the man. The venom directed against McCain and, in particular, Palin, was extraordinary … Now, nearly a full year into his first term, all of those gilded years leading up to the White House have left him unprepared to be President. Left to his own instincts, he has a talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It swiftly became a joke that he could not deliver even the briefest of statements without the ever-present Tele-Prompters … Oddly and perhaps even inevitably, his political experience, a cakewalk, has positioned him to destroy the Democrat Party's hold on power in Congress because in the end it was never about the Party. It was always about his communist ideology, learned at an early age from family, mentors, college professors, and extreme leftist friends and colleagues … The pattern repeats itself. He either blames any problem on the Bush administration or he naively seeks to wish away the truth.”  (1/2/10)


“Obama and his fellow elites just ignore and lie to the American people as they continue in whatever illegal and unconstitutional ways they can think of to ensure that we are imprisoned in this nightmarish system ... It is just as stunning to watch this Administration working so hard on a daily basis, (they know they don’t have much time), to destroy this nation, as it is to observe the mainstream media working with  equal diligence to make sure that this Administration succeeds in this effort. The media is, at this stage, not just complicit in what Obama and his people are doing, they are actively and frantically assisting them ... The leg tinglers are not only refusing to report on any news that reflects negatively on Obama, and work overtime to try to annihilate any conservative or republican, even if they are not in office, they are now also refusing to even report real news stories they don‘t want known … What I sometimes wonder is why the members of the mainstream media, who at this point have lost any shred of impartiality, respect , dignity, honesty or professionalism, want to see their country destroyed.” (12/22/09)


"So what did James Cameron put in his “Avatar” script? Lots of capitalist-bashing, anti-military sentiments, and environmental propaganda permeate the movie's scenes ... With all the technological innovations in this film, one would be inclined to want to take a peek at it just for the effects. Too bad that as a condition of seeing the flick, audiences will have to put up with undisguised propaganda and cliche-ridden plot lines." (12/21/09)


The double standards and pro-liberal negligence are mind-boggling. If media malpractice were a crime, many "reporters" would be on death row. (10/29/09)


“What should alarm all First Amendment proponents is that so many liberals don't really champion the free and open expression of ideas; they support only the advancement of liberal policies, even if that means one-sided dominance to the point of indoctrination in our public schools and universities and in the media … Obama's approval numbers have cratered more rapidly than those of any other president in modern history, but can you imagine where they'd be and how much more his agenda would be stalemated (for the common good) if the MSM hadn't been covering for him but had been reporting the facts — not to mention the public's opposition to his agenda?” (10/29/09)


“Democracy itself suffers from use of news as political weapon.” (9/29/09)


“Matthews has no memory of the left-wing protest signs and cartoons that portrayed George W. Bush as a chimpanzee and compared him to Hitler and the Nazis …” (9/21/09)


“It's not Obama who didn't vet Jones, but the MSM who have never vetted Obama. Had they vetted Obama, they would have realized that he is Van Jones and that he didn't need to vet Van Jones because he already knew him and considered him a soul mate.” (9/8/09)


“They should be ashamed of themselves, but that takes a modicum of humility — a state of being unfamiliar to their idol or his media toadies. Press conference? Not on your life. It was the theater of the absurd attended by sycophants enchanted by the impresario of absurdity made simple.“ (6/28/09)


“The press has met their Waterloo and it's Obama … they have sacrificed whatever integrity, character, professionalism, ethics that they've had … ” (6/24/09)


“Are you comprehending this, America?  Pravda was more critical of Brezhnev than ABC is Obama.” (6/23/09)


“At some point, the spell will dissipate. The question is whether that will happen in time to prevent irreversible damage to this nation.” (6/16/09)


“The accusations made news, but with another dismissal of an ethics charge last week against Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential nominee has quietly been cleared of every ethics complaint filed since the torrent of allegations began in 2008 … ‘It is regrettable that the ethics process has been diverted for partisan purposes by some, but it is also commendable that the board remains focused on the law.’" (6/8/09)


“Right on cue, the Times acknowledged this weekend that it had spiked a story on possible illegal coordination between left-wing activist groups ACORN and Project Vote and the Obama campaign just before Election Day.” (5/20/09)


Propaganda, Not News (3/5/09)


“Oh, I’m sorry. I assumed that you’d already heard about it—but then I just recalled that ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR haven’t said a word about it since it happened.” (2/22/09)


“But the Times won't run that series because liberals adore single motherhood and the dissolution of traditional marriage in America.” (1/14/09)


“But liberals who claim to oppose "inflammatory rhetoric" on television when it comes from conservatives have no problem with uncivil liberalism. Or 100 percent hate-filled left-wing character assassination. Take NBC, which could not look sillier if it ever seriously banned Coulter for being hyperbolic, when vicious, hyperbolic liberals (Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews) dominate MSNBC.” (1/7/09)


“But the media were giddy over their latest crush.” (1/7/09)


“Mainstream Media Ignores the Real Stories...Again” (12/19/08)


“Once again, Barack Obama is treated as though he were not even a part of this story.” (12/12/08),_obama?page=1


“Media Malpractice…How Obama Got Elected.” (11/24/08)


“But the people who most scorn what they deem the religious “Dark Ages” are trying to building a secular-left dark age in our time. Because the left is a religion, a substitute for the Christianity it seeks to displace.” (11/25/08)


“The left's venomous reaction to the passage of Prop 8 has showcased these people for who they truly are … It has exposed the self-proclaimed agents of "tolerance" and "diversity" as the most intolerant, hateful and bigoted among us.” (11/16/08)


Suppression of Free Speech (11/11/08)


Landslide of Media Mud (10/29/08) (article)


 “… when journalists who are supposed to be even-handed watchdogs of all politicians turn instead into lapdogs serving one political party and sleazy partisan attack dogs snarling at the other party.” (10/10/08) (article)


Are There Any Honest Journalists Out There? (10/5/08) (article)


Slanted Profiles “… a new low for broadcast journalism.” (10/2/08) (article)


“The Senate passed the 1973 Alaskan pipeline bill by an overwhelming 80-5 vote. Only five senators voted against the pipeline on final passage. Sen. Biden is the only one who is still in the Senate -- the other four having been confined to mental institutions long ago.” (10/1/08) (article)


Attacking Free Speech To Suppress Truth  (Posted 9/28/08) (article)


Past and Present Media Bias (Posted 9/24/08) (article)


Bias By The Numbers (Posted 9/16/08),2933,423443,00.html (article)


“… Quindlen's obtuseness doesn't hold a candle to that of MSNBC's Chris Matthews.”


“It's time to brace ourselves for the coming war against Sarah Palin.” (9/5/08) (article)


Edwards: Hypocrisy and Media Bias (8/6/08) (article)


“Does the media accurately report economic news?(Posted 5/10/08),2933,354206,00.html (article)


Media Suppresses WMD Intent


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Can’t Even Buy Free Speech (Posted 8/30/07) (article)


Spinning the Facts

“Imagine what reporters could contribute to the public debate if they actually wanted to inform the public as to the facts, rather than representing political interests.”


“Numbers Watch – All about the scares, scams, junk, panics, and flummery cooked up by the media, politicians, bureaucrats, so-called scientists and others who try to confuse you with wrong numbers. Working to combat Math Hysteria.” (Posted 11/29/07) (website)




Historical Section


“Big Media have pulled out all their stops in trying to elect Barack Obama by withholding from the American people the truth about his radical record and associates.” (10/28/08) (article)


Don't Be a Media Dupe You can kiss your rights and your traditional values goodbye …” (Posted 10/23/08) (article)


Biden’s Blunders and Lies Ignored by Media (10/8/08) (article),2933,433314,00.html (10/7/08) (article)


“Obama: WRONG Change for Children.” (Posted 9/23/08) (article/video)


“In this election, the choice is clear: Do we continue to protect ourselves, our families, and our country with an aggressive approach? Or, blinded by media distortions, do we leave ourselves wide open to more attacks …” (Posted 9/16/08) (article)


“If you raise any of these issues, you risk being punished, smeared, and silenced.” (10/28/08) (article)


“Barack Obama, in other words, if this were an honest election, would win approximately 1 out of every 9 eligible voters.” (11/3/08) (article)


McCain Aide On How The Media Thinks (Posted 9/25/08) (article)


Obamageddon … Fiction?” (11/3/08) (article)


“Message to Obama: We Were Greeted As Liberators(10/8/08) (article)


Slanted Questions


Keene: Bias Press Favors McCain Over Other Republicans (Posted 2/4/08) (article)